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Inspecting Your Home After Rain Safety First It’s important to remember that your safety should always be your first priority. This means that you should not attempt to examine the exterior of your home when rain is still falling. Even if you see visible signs of a leak, you should not venture out and put yourself at risk. 

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3 Maintenance Tips for Your Home’s Roof This Fall

It’s that time of year when the weather starts to get a little bit cooler, the leaves are changing on the side of the mountains, and you know that it’s not too long before winter weather is on the way. It’s also a time of year when you should be doing some home maintenance to avoid damage during the winter months, and that includes putting some roofing maintenance on your outdoor to-do list.  1. Get an Inspection - Many homeowners mistakenly believe that if they don’t see an obvious problem on their...

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7 Reasons Why Roof Inspections Are Important Common Roof ProblemsRoof inspections not only detect common roofing problems but also can help homeowners prioritize improvement projects. A few of the most common roof problems are:

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